Frequently Asked Questions

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Judges are experienced, knowledgeable and trained to make sure your wedding ceremony complies with all legal requirements and is conducted in a dignified fashion. Having a judge preside at your ceremony will let everyone know how serious you are about the commitment to marriage.


We can provide an officiant for weddings throughout New York State, Washington D.C. and Connecticut. New to our service locations is New Jersey!


We are the only civil wedding officiant service in New York State providing licensed former New York State Supreme Court Justices to officiate civil wedding ceremonies. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you deserve to have a ceremony that is unique and sets yours apart from all others. Having a former New York State Supreme Court Justice preside over your ceremony will make you the envy of all of your friends and relatives. We will work with you to personalize your ceremony in the way that is most meaningful for you.


The initial consultation is free. Costs will be determined by your special needs and requests.

What types of marriage ceremonies do our judges perform?

WE NOW PERFORM VIRTUAL VIDEO CONFERENCED WEDDING CEREMONIES in New York State as per Governor Cuomo's Executive Order. Judges perform all legally permitted weddings. We welcome interfaith, non-religious and gay couples. For couples seeking to reaffirm their vows, we also create personalized marriage renewal ceremonies.


You and your partner must be present in New York State to get your marriage license and to be married in New York State. You can get your license from any County Clerk in the State no matter where in New York you live or in what county you will be located for the ceremony. In New York City, as in some other locations around the state, you can get your marriage license on line by filling out an on-line application and scheduling a virtual appointment with a Clerk. At the appointment, the Clerk will ask to see your identification documents, will walk you through the process and issue your license as a PDF attachment. Outside of New York City, check with your local County Clerk's office to find out their procedure for issuing a license. After receiving the license, there is a 24 hour waiting period until the ceremony can be performed. Fill out the contact information on our website to schedule your virtual wedding ceremony. We are always available to help!

What awards and recognition has JUDGES FOR LOVE received?

We have been awarded "BEST OF WEDDINGS" 2018, 2019 and 2020 on the, the leading wedding vendor website, for our outstanding service to our couples. We have performed wedding ceremonies on ABC TV'S GOOD MORNING AMERICA and had articles written about us in the New York Times and Daily News.